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There is much to see and do in Milton Keynes from going to pubs, bars, clubs, restaurants and live music venues to visiting art galleries and museums or attending films and plays. Groups exploring this Buckinghamshire town may struggle to choose the best activity out of so many fantastic options but deciding on the most convenient, comfortable and reliable mode of transport should not be difficult. Hiring a minibus with driver is the superior transport option for groups and there is no better place to turn than Milton Keynes Minibus Hire for provision of such a service.

Visit an art gallery.

Lovers of art will feel at home in Milton Keynes which has several art galleries, the main ones being Castle Galleries and the MK Gallery, and would do well to travel to these destinations by hired minibus with driver. Castle Galleries, located at The Centre on Acorn Walk in the MK9 3AD postcode area, exhibits art displays by some of the leading names in the art world including Romero Britto, Emma Grzonkowski and Richard Rowan. The MK Gallery, on Midsummer Boulevard in the MK9 3QA postcode zone, exhibits a range of the most tantalising contemporary visual art to members of the public.

Experience Bletchley Park.

Bletchley Park, on Sherwood Drive in the MK 6Eb Postcode zone, is the location of an important Second World War intelligence operation known as Station X that was involved in the interception and decoding of encrypted Axis communications. The building complex, consisting of several huts and blocks centred around an antiquated manor house known as The Mansion, is open to the public and it is possible to get there via minibus. This historic site, where Alan Turing once worked, contains the Colossus which is believed to be the world’s first electrical and digital computer.

See a movie.

Movie-goers wishing to see the latest films at the cinema, of which there is one main specimen in Milton Keynes, can be driven to the venue by minibus. Cineworld, located in the gargantuan and modern Xscape building situated in the MK9 3XS postcode area, has the capacity for either 2D or 3D viewing and is equipped with state-of-the-art, multi-sensory 4DX technology which provides the most advanced cinematic experience available today. This top-of-the-range movie theatre embodies the peak of contemporary cinematic technology, appealing to more than just the eyes and ears.

Go the theatre.

Aficionados of the dramatic arts should hire a minibus and get driven to the Milton Keynes Theatre, located in the MK9 3NZ postcode area, which showcases a diverse range of stage performances including Comedy, Drama, Musicals and Pantomime. The venue, owned by the Ambassador Theatre Group and built to a modern design by a team of renowned architects lead by Blonski-Heard, was opened in 1999 and has been the scene of hundreds of plays since then. Notable theatrical performances staged at this venue include the King’s Speech, Jesus Christ Superstar and The Producers.

Why choose minibus hire with driver in Milton Keynes?

It is understandable that groups exploring Milton Keynes may be averse to walking, driving or using public transport to get around the town which is why hiring a minibus with driver is the best transport option. Many satisfied customers will attest that Milton Keynes Minibus Hire is the best Milton Keynes coach hire option available, saving passengers from the ordeals of travelling by public bus, car or foot. Instead of following a pre-planned route minibus hire in Milton Keynes allows passengers to travel where and where they want in a comfortable environment with an expert driver.